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Motorcycle security - locks and chains

Make sure your motorcycle is secure with these low cost security devices

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Squire SS65CS/MC4 Motorcycle Padlock and Chain

Body Width : 65m. Shackle Diameter : 13mm. Chain : 1200mm x 12.5mm Diameter. Keys Supplied : 2. Keyed Alike Available. Mechanism : 6 Pin Tumbler. Differs : 100,000
Operation :

Locked and unlocked by key only.

Features :

Padlock -
Solid Hardened steel body. Hardened special alloy closed shackle for extra protection. Over 10 tonnes pull resistance. Anti-pick mechanism. Anti-corrosion finish.
Chain -
Hardened Boron steel gives up to 9 tonnes resistance. Robust plastic cover for motorcycle protection.

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MC100 Chain Lock System

Product Details
MC100 Chain Lock System can be used with the flush fitting ground anchor or with the recessed cup to form a portable, heavy weight, loop chain to wrap around lamp posts, poles etc. 1/2" chain spec: 1/2" Boron alloy steel, 16mm diameter end loops.

- 1.2m (4ft) high specification, * Boron alloy steel chain case hardened to 750-800 VPN (60-62 Rockwell) min depth 0.040 inch. Link diameter 13mm, end links 16mm diameter. (* This chain is not standard mild steel)
- Ductile, hard core to chain 350 VPN, sufficient to support case hardening without being brittle. Resistant to cropping
- Bright yellow shrunk plastic sleeving for high visibility and protection
- No padlok, uses Bulldog Super Lock Bolt with over one million possible key combinations
- Can be secured in two ways
- - With recessed cup to fit onto Bulldog Super Lock Bolt for use as a portable secure loop.
- - With the ribbed ground anchor tube supplied with kit which can be concreted in the ground/floor to offer a permanent anchor position within the garage, in the drive or workshop etc.
- No protruding parts when ground anchor is not in use, tube is completely flush fitting
- Weight of chain - 8.2Kg
- Sold Secure approved product

MC50 Motorcycle Lock & Chain
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MC50 Lock and Chain

Product Details
MC50 Chain & Lock. 1.5m long, shear resistant chain sleeved in shock proof, heat shrunk plastic. Twin lock pin good quality padlock.

- 1.5m long, shear resistant chain, high content alloy carbon steel (20 NiCrMo2)
- 10mm square section links double case hardened to ensure minimum hardness 58 HRC
- Electrolic galvanized finish
- Chain sleeved in shock proof, heat shrunk plastic
- Armoured padlock with two keys and two independent locking pins
- Weight - 4.1Kg

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MC10 Disc Padlock

Product Description
MC10 Padlock. 70mm diameter stainless steel body. Supplied with 2 keys.

- 70mm diameter stainless steel body
- 10mm hardened shackle
- Supplied with 2 keys
- Weight - 0.26Kg

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Strong Hold Ground Anchor

15.9mm (5/8") hardened carbon steel shackle. Secures motorcycles, scooters, boats, garden equipment and workshop machinery. Lifetime guarantee. Can be anchored to ground, wall or trailer bed. Bolts directly into position. Includes bolts, fixings, masonry bits and hex keys. Sold Secure accreditation. Easy to fit.

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Hardened Chain & Armoured Padlock 1.5m x 10mm

Case hardened, 10mm square-linked chain with Sold Secure accreditation and 91mm double slotted armoured steel padlock.